The United Kingdom is one of the most industrialized countries in the world, with a strong propensity for the use and development of new technologies, and one of the nations with a great tradition linked to the world of textiles. The active combination of these two production lines has a considerable impact on the evolution of the treatment of workwear and textile products used in hospitals, hotels and other areas.

How Covid 19 has changed the management of textiles in the UK

The United Kingdom has shown a strong focus on automation processes and intelligent management, particularly in the healthcare sector. A boost also came from the emergency linked to Covid-19. The demand for work uniform distribution solutions has grown exponentially during the pandemic. It was realized how necessary it was to control the number of uniforms in circulation and their use, but above all how important it was to maintain adequate hygiene standards in the management of textiles. The United Kingdom has shown great attention and sensitivity to these issues.

The country currently has 1,257 hospitals and employs 1.2 million people within the NHS – National Health System . Healthcare in the UK is worth about 12% of the GDP and is growing continuously. ABG Systems has decided to actively accompany this evolution and respond to the managerial and technological needs that have emerged over the years. In particular, it will make use of REACHFOR IIOT Solutions LTD, a new partner and very reliable distributor, who will be able to bring ABG Systems’ long-standing expertise to the United Kingdom, proposing the most innovative solutions we have developed.

We talk about it with Gavin Stoppel, Managing Director of REACHFOR IIOT Solutions LTD.

Gavin, tell us about REACHFOR IIOT Solutions: what exactly does it do?

REACHFOR IIOT Solutions LTD is a Commercial Agent in the UK for a select number of Manufacturers and Suppliers offering solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things and UHF RFID Applications. I had been involved in Industrial Automation for over 30 years and the last 10 years I had been actively involved in RFID applications and solutions for the industry and healthcare. We also work with a select number of System Integrators to bring the correct solution for the application.

What do you think are the main problems related to the management of uniforms in hospitals in the UK? From your experience, do you think that the logistical approach to the management of uniforms in hospitals has changed, especially after the pandemic?

I believe the main problem is related to the losses that can be incurred regarding the returns of the soiled uniforms and the number of sets issued on an ongoing basis.
Track and Tracing using RFID as a basis for logistical control gives an enhanced view of Location, usage and potential losses.

Is RFID technology known and used in the UK?

In certain industries, RFID technology has been embraced but in healthcare, there is a limited take up of RFID as a solution. I believe it is mainly down to the misconception that the cost of implementation is high and the payback period is long for an RFID installation. A correctly installed and configured system can greatly reduce the return on investment in any application.

What contribution do you think REACHFOR IIOT Solutions can give to hospitals and laundries in terms of technological innovation? How decisive can the IoT be in the hospital world and what benefits can it bring?

REACHFOR IIOT Solutions has a wide range of experience in RFID tracking solutions. This is both in Industry and in Healthcare. I have worked with a few key integrators in various industrial environments and healthcare to find the correct solution even in the most arduous and difficult of applications.
Track and Trace as part of IoT will have a massive impact on healthcare. The main benefit is the reduction this can bring in losses of equipment and textiles but also reduces the impact of investment on goods and items in a hospital environment as the Internet of things gives a live view of usage, location and availability of stock.

Why do you think ABG Systems is the ideal partner to enter the UK hospital market?

As ABG Systems are a premier manufacturer and supplier of Automated distribution systems for textiles in Europe and the Americas. Their knowledge and support for RFID-based distribution systems are world-class along with a comprehensive range of solutions to manage and distribute linen and workwear automatically makes them an ideal partner for the United Kingdom.

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Managing Director: Gavin Stoppel


Telephone: +44 0752 949410

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