From IoT to Big Data, we stay ahead of the future

ABG Lab is our business unit focused on the research, experimentation and development of new technological applications for traceability and automatic identification.

Back in 2007, we pioneered the IoT (Internet of Things) for logistics and automated distribution in industrial laundries and healthcare. Today, we continue to innovate and experiment with the most advanced technologies to deliver new, much efficient, high-performing and faster solutions.

Being ahead of tomorrow’s market evolution

We live in the era of digital transformation and are getting ready to implement artificial intelligence: from Big Data to latest identification technologies, the goal of ABG Lab is to stay ahead of the evolution and needs of tomorrow’s market by providing reliable solutions for today’s scenario.

Our technical know-how and skilled staff are at your disposal

The testing area of ABG Lab is fitted with equipment and demos enabling us to share experiences and ideas with you with the aim to find the solutions which best suit your needs.

While we can develop a client’s proprietary research project, we may decide to share a proprietary project of ours with the market.

Accordingly, new projects, new pathways and new solutions come into being.  After creating new value in the market where we have been operating for more than 10 years, we bring you the future of traceability and automated distribution systems

Discover the future of automated distribution of textiles and workwear

Four product lines to provide you with leading-edge solutions

White C Folded Scrubs Dispenser

Automatic distribution systems for linen, scrubs, uniforms and garments

Continuous item traceability and oversight along your logistic processes

Identify and manage every single item of your assets with a RFID tag

To explore how your projects and solutions can be developed

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