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Traceability and automated distribution solutions for improving the quality and efficiency of your services

We design and engineer the most advanced software and hardware solutions to identify, track and distribute any item falling in the range of services your company provides

We provide solutions meeting latest-generation automation standards: safety and total control of your products, new data and information allow you to monitor and manage your processes and services in a by far more efficient, precise, reliable way, while ensuring remarkable cost-effectiveness. Pioneers of the IoT - Internet of Things – for the management of healthcare textiles, we intercept the market’s current needs and design the future of traceability and identification systems for any industry in need of more efficient product control and distribution within the range of services they offer.

Discover the future of automated distribution of textiles and workwear

The most comprehensive, advanced range of solutions for the management, automated distribution and retrieval of textiles, accessories and workwear. Find the solution best suitable to your needs

We have developed 4 lines of business to provide you with leading-edge solutions

The future of management and automated distribution of textiles, garments and items

The future of continuous item traceability and monitoring of your logistic process

Monitoring textiles, products and work clothes has never been easier

The future to constantly monitor your items from mobile devices

Every solution is one-of-a-kind to meet every client’s unique needs

You know your universe better than anyone else, you know the way your company works and what your personal needs are all about. We can assist you with our know-how, technologies and systems. Based on your brief, we tailor and engineer solutions designed around your company’s needs with a mind to effectively addressing any issue concerning the logistics and traceability of your textiles, items and services. In this way, your company will confidently enjoy the benefits of the most leading-edge identification, monitoring and traceability systems.   

We take you on board to engineer an all-personal solution

Safety: a top priority

We deliver the highest safety standards in association with our solutions operation. We research and select the best components and comply with strict control requirements at every stage of production, while taking painstaking care of every single detail and engineering solutions designed around your needs and habits. We are firmly convinced that safety is not only a must, but an ongoing commitment.

On-field expertise, applying all over the world








Years of experience

On-going technological research to bring the future to your doorstep today

We deliver solutions that allow you to be ahead of future market requests. We have been and will be experiencing technological breakthroughs unconceivable until a few years ago: we keep track of headways, while extensively investigating and testing them on a day to day basis. After pioneering the philosophy of the Internet of Things in healthcare, we keep researching and experimenting with new technologies in traceability, automated distribution, identification and mobile apps. We thus set up ABG LAB, our R&D centre, a future-oriented observation post which we share with our clients.

When saving transforms into eco-sustainability

Soon after implementing our solutions, you will reduce stocks, cut down unplanned restocking costs and diminish consumption, while reaping the benefits of noticeable saving. Also, you will boost the eco-sustainability of your company and services. Such mindful attitude has turned into steady commitment: when choosing the materials for our systems, aluminium is a top of mind choice to give you recyclable, low-environmental impact systems.

Our endorsement for you: we design, engineer and manufacture every component internally

We develop the software, engineer the distribution systems, carry out research and tests, keep track of customer care in our Lacchiarella-based headquarters, a few kilometers away from Milan, where we manufacture RFid tags too. This centralized approach ensures we keep a close eye on every single solution we design, thus delivering on-going assistance and utmost reliability of the products we bring to the market. While it is nearly an obsession to us, it is a unique guarantee to you.

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