Automation engineering is at the very core of Industry 4.0, and, generally speaking, in the development of modern companies that want to put smart machines and advanced management software at the center of production processes and logistics. In order to design and implement these solutions, a strong engineering background, as well as a concrete understanding of business processes, are required. ABG Systems is one of the most innovative companies in the world pioneering in the sector of smart systems for the control of work uniforms and textiles. The company values significantly on qualified personnel, especially with specialized know-how experience; always looking for new strong-profile collaborators, such as Mark, who recently joined the team. This is his story.

Production department

Mark, how did you become an engineer 4.0?

I am originally from Albania. After living in Italy for a number of years, I returned to Albania to complete my studies. I obtained a degree in Automation Engineering and did an internship in a local company. Afterwards, I decided to return to Italy to take on new, aspiring challenges in the workplace.

How did you get to ABG?

I started my career at ABG Systems in the production department in July 2020. I heard from a friend that the company was looking for someone who has experience in electronics.

What do you do at ABG?

I work in the production department, wiring the machines and preparing the electrical panels. These highly sophisticated automated machines serve for the logistics management of the workwear and textiles. They are advanced engineering products, integrating RFID technologies and remote-control software.

What is your initial reaction to the work that you are currently doing and to the workplace?

I work with a highly motivated and well-prepared team. They welcomed me immediately, aiding me in my entry, and provided further assistance with tasks that I dealt with for the very first time.

Did you already know about the automatic solutions for the distribution of uniforms?

No, it’s a brand new area for me. I knew about RFID technology, but this application related to the world of scrubs and work uniforms was something I was unfamiliar with. I was surprised at the potential applications and solutions available to modern businesses. I am happy to be able to apply what I’ve learned at the university to a dynamic and growing sector.

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