The effectiveness of an IT solution lies not only its quality and features , but also in its longevity. Without the guarantee of adequate and continuous support, any solution can quickly become obsolete. At ABG Systems, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing reliable and timely support to our customers. Whether a customer is experiencing technical diffculty, has technical questions, or requires a software update/modification, we make every effort to satisfy all requests.

Today we had the opportunity to speak with one of the leaders of our IT support team, Bruno Graziano, who shared some insights on his day to day activities.

In your opinion, why is support a forefront priority for our customers?

Usually the implementation of our solutions implies a significant change in the way uniforms and linen are managed. Indeed, the textile management solutions we provide become the “lifeblood” of the distrubtion process, and the vast amount of new data can initially be complex to understand and make use of. It is natural that our ability to support the customer when needed is a forefront priority for the customers.

What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

Our longest-standing customers would testify that the IT department is always ready to stand by them in case of issues. In addition to simply troubleshooting issues, our experience over the years has also allowed us to become highly regarded as a strategic ally for the optimization of the linen management process.

Bruno, how long have you been support ABG’s customers?

I was one of the first employees at the company: I have been working at ABG Systems for over 10 years, when we were still unknown to most and we were starting the first installations of our distribution solutions in Italian hospitals. Therefore I was one of the people who helped develop our current support model.

Being the primary point of support for customers is very challenging, and also very stressful. How do you deal with this?

There are certainly complex days, but over the years we have developed a standardized procedure to respond to customer needs effectively and effciently. We also always ask the customer to detail the request in writing, which makes it easier to schedule interventions according to an order of priority and urgency. The e-mail we receive from the customer is always read by both the hardware office and the software department: the two departments are therefore always up to date and ready to intervene jointly if needed.

Over the years we have compiled a case study of the most common errors and solutions to remedy them: we are therefore able to intervene promptly and effectively remotely upon initial contact, and we are normally able to process all requests received within 1 day.

Are you called upon only for troubleshooting?

No, cusotmers also turn to me for data analysis and production of reports, which are quite important from a business management point of view. In fact, our software ONE is designed to help customers correctly manage their warehouse stock. By checking withdrawals, returns and movements, it is possible to conduct a variety of analyses on the circulating fleet of textiles. To facilitate this aspect, we have developed a simple and intuitive interface. Our customers can independently create custom reports. Of course, we are always at their disposal to help them with their analyses and offer them the best advice for inventory management.

Can we therefore say that you are also consultants for your customers?

Certainly. The support team also provides advice. Our solutions are simple, but manage complex operations: the world of industrial laundries has become a lot more automated in recent years, and the technologies used are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Shortages, losses of textiles, incorrect management of stocks and purchase forecasts can be serious problems in the life of a laundry, which can translate into large costs if not managed correctly.
With our hardware and software solutions, we work alongside industrial laundries and their customers to optimize their logistic processes, to improve the management of work uniforms and linen in general.

Over the years, the study of our customers’ data has allowed us to acquire great expertise on queries and databases: today we are able to create increasingly performing and complex data extrapolations and processing, which provides a valuable basis to help customers improve inventory management performance.

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