All-round support

Wherever you are, whatever your needs, we guarantee assistance and support. Always.

An innovative programme

Wherever in the world your company is based, we provide an unmatched support and maintenance programme developed over a 10-year-old international experience.

We ensure:

  • efficient functioning of all devices and software systems
  • on-going highest efficiency standards of your service (and business)
  • minimization of failures and malfunctioning extensive, targeted staff training
  • certainty of timely, resolutive intervention in case of breakdowns
  • the complete training of your staff

Complete support: from the feasibility study to on-site assistance

Feasibility study

Conduct feasibility analysis from the technical to financial viewpoint to propose the solution best suited to your needs

Telephone help desk support

Operate at the weekends and PHs in both Italian and English, supporting you for any system issue.

24h remote diagnostics

Prompt remote assistant and reliable diagnostics 24/7.

Tracked maintenance

All devices are registered in our CMMS maintenance platform for you to access any technical information and status.

Specialized training

On-site training taking you through the functionings and having first-hand operating experience, plus e-learning tutorials.

Spare parts warehouse

Provide 10-year component availability since the installation; spare part delivery in 24/36hrs upon request

Stay connected, hassle-free

Equipped with tele-diagnostics on all machines, 90% anomalies can be detected on our side and, when possible, remotely resolved without sending technicians on-site.

For extreme cases, like the absence of any form of connectivity, alternatively, your technician can also operate through a diagnostic interface on the machines.

Customized assistance

Based on your needs, organization and objectives, we tailor-make different service standards and a variety of customer care options to best fulfill all kinds of requests and priorities.

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