In the industrial environment more and more companies are using textile service companies to handle their workwear through a full-service package. Rent, sanitizing, small repairs are all included in this package in order to reduce the cost. Further cost can be reduced by switching to garments by size instead of personalized garments and the use of automated distribution systems.


To automate the distribution of their new high quality ESD lab coats for over 1,000 employees at the headquarter in Eggelsberg, B&R Industrial Automation decided to introduce a dispenser and return system from ABG Systems. After reading the personal badge the employee can withdraw lab coats, hygienically stored in a cell, up to the assigned credit. At any time, the user can return the soiled piece and the system will return his credit after reading the RFid-chip. Clean coats can be obtained immediately afterwards.


„We are very pleased with the easy to use automated dispensing and return system. It takes us a big step forward in the hygienic and administrative handling of the workwear“, Mr. Andreas Karrer of B&R, a subsidiary of the ABB Group stated.


This solution offers the following benefits:


  • Reduction of total stock by up to 30%
  • Easy planning of the required quantity and sizes
  • 24/7 availability independent of wardrobe personnel
  • Tracking of individual garments for accounting, loss and repair purposes