In 2018 ABG and Delfab, a Canadian company that deals with textiles in the healthcare sector, formed a partnership. Carolyn De Luca, Delfab sales manager, in this short interview talks about Delfab and this collaboration:

Can you describe briefly your company and your core business?

Delfab’s mission since 1976 has always been to work for our clients by developing unique textile products, sourced internationally. Thanks to our global network of suppliers, we have successfully built an import business which at its core has always been textile centered. The first three decades of our history were spent establishing our expertise and reputation in the conversion of raw material for industrial and apparel markets. This proficiency in textiles was the basis used for our migration into the reusable healthcare linen market, fifteen years ago. Our primary focus is now on delivering reliable institutional linens and garments, of superior calibre, for healthcare end-use.

How did you first hear about ABG Systems?

ABG Systems was first made known to Delfab through one of our trusted uniform manufacturers in China. We were looking for a partner in linen management and identification, and ABG’s excellent reputation with our vendor lead to our introduction.

When did your partnership with ABG start?

Our work with ABG began in June 2017. Our partnership was officialised in January 2018.

Why did you choose ABG to work with?

Delfab’s biggest priority upon entering this market was to find a leader in the industry of textile management. ABG’s products responded to this need. Their equipment design, use of RFID traceability, and their ONE software offered a system of solutions that is first of its kind in Canada. Furthermore, ABG’s reputation speaks for itself. It is a company that is known for its reliability and its professionalism. Their personalized approach to customer service matches our own. Our similar methodologies motivated this relationship.

Which is, in your opinion, the added value that ABG bring to your business?

Canadian healthcare industry is just starting to understand the benefits of automatic identification and controlled linen management. This appreciation will increase our clients demands for equipment that will serve this purpose. Ultimately, this will impact Delfab’s position as a uniform supplier. To present ourselves as leaders, we need to anticipate our clients’ needs by offering cutting-edge solutions to help them manage their linen inventory safely and efficiently. ABG’s experience and innovative technologies make them the perfect ally in responding to this need.

I know that you had participate to a tender for the Jewish Hospital with ABG Solutions: which are the next steps?

Now that we have won our first contract in Canada, our next steps are to fully implement ABG’s equipment and software at Delfab’s headquarters in Laval, Quebec and at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. Building these installations will help us showcase ABG’s products to potential new clients, who will want to explore the benefits of garment management and distribution. We will actively canvas our current client relationships to promote ABG Systems and the added-value we can now offer our customers, in conjunction with our linens and unfirms.