The production area: our beating heart

It’s not hard to imagine that our beating heart is the production area. Techincians, electrical technicians and engineers build our machines every day as White C rotatative distributor or our modular intelligent armachair “White Box” in such a meticolous way. Starting from the carpentery, that needs to be assembled with care, to ensure stability and resistence to the machine till the wiring steps of the electronics. Each machine produced at our branch in Milan is submitted, for some days, to rigorous testing to verify its operation.

Upstream of this process we select the best components on the market to guarantee the maximun reliability for our customers.

Electronic and automation represent the crucials aspects of our automatic distribution solutions: together with the software they are the distinctive elements of our products, that make ABG System solutions so reliable and efficient.

The real richness: our people

The real richness of ABG Systems is in the people that make up the production department, a close-knit team, consolidated over the years in which everyone is playing a fundamental and specific role. The experience and the accuracy of our technicians are the most important values that we can offer to those who have chosen us.

That’s why we would like to introduce them to you, through their testimonies.

Franco Bruno is the assistant head: “In the 3 years I have worked for ABG I have seen a big transformation in the company. We have grown a lot, so inevitably also the amount of work has increased. The assistance is the flagship of the company: customers trust us precisely because they know that, in every moment and for every problem, we are ready to intervene. We work planning all the maintenance in a very detailed way, to maximize the efforts and to always assure the best service possible. Timelines, care and attention are crucials elements for a very efficient customer care experience. The guys of the team are really competent and close: very professional, always proactive, and ready to demonstrate the maximum availability on every occasion.”

Federico has been working for ABG for 3 years now: “Mainly I take care of the design with my colleagues of the dedicated department, but my job experience allows me to be a cross-figure: I’m a support for the production team, but when it is needed, I also help in the testing phase.”

Roberto has been working in the company for 1 year: “I take care of the testing phase: I have improved and reorganized the process that was used before to test the machines. In this way, I’m verifying not only all the functionalities, but I have also the chance to improve the machinery process”.

Giuseppe is the handyman of the company: “When a problem comes up, I try to solve this: I take care to verify the carpentery upon its arrival. Once the machine is assembled, I ensure that it’s leveled and, if it is necessary, I personally make any changes or improvements that are needed.”

Mark is in charge of assembling our electric panels: “Our goal is to deliver perfect machines. The wiring job is done with care and attention. In this way, the support for breakdowns has dramatically decreased, and we can dedicate more time for planned maintenance.

Touch quality by hand

We are very proud of our production: we love to bring our customers in the heart of the company, exactly where our team of experts work constantly to come up with our solutions.

We try, when it’s possible, to organize workshops in our branch here in Milan: we think that it is the best way to show the quality of our work.

On these occasions we can really understand the needs that we are called to respond to and we are able to find the best solutions, the most suitable for the specific case.

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