About ABG Systems


ABG Systems is a global leader in providing automated textile management solutions to a variety of different industries. We are on a mission to help businesses and organizations who manage large stocks of textiles improve the efficiency of their textile logistic process through automation. We are a customer-oriented company with a strong reputation of excellence, and we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of new market developments so we can provide the best solutions and services to you, our valued customers.

What makes us unique?

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

Our diverse range of products helps us ensure that no matter what your organizational requirements, space constraints, or preferences may be, we have the right solution for you!

Quality assurance

All of our products are designed and produced at our headquarters in Milan, Italy. This centralized approach helps us keep a close eye on all our operations and guarantee the utmost reliability of our products

No headaches

We have spent years refining our system to make it as user friendly and intuitive as possible. With ABG Systems, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a robust system with several unique capabilities while avoiding the headaches that tend to accompany new technology implementations

Save up 40% of your garments costs?

Message from the president

In 1977, I co-founded MIP Inc., the world’s premium manufacturer and supplier of specialty linens for healthcare. Over the years, MIP’s market leading status could directly be attributed to its superior understanding of the needs of its customer base. In 2014, I sold my shareholding.

In 2017, a major Montreal area hospital contracted me to do a study. Their purpose was to justify the outsourcing of all of their linen services. Replacement cost of linen at the facility was untenable and they were convinced that the culprit was the laundry.

Through the study, we quickly discovered that their laundry was an asset rather than a liability. Indeed, the lack of control of the distribution of linen, within the hospital, was the underlying cause.

I contacted Stefano Umili, CEO of ABG Systems Italy.  With a minimal investment in a state-of-the-art RFid based inventory control system, the problem was resolved. Exorbitant linen loss was virtually eliminated. Today, this hospital is the envy of the healthcare community.

ABG Systems was founded in 2006 and quickly became a global leader in the manufacture and design of systems for the identification, tracking and distribution of textiles.

From the start, ABG’s employees were inspired by a mission of understanding customers’ needs and providing solutions that spoke directly to those needs. The Company grew because of this innovative spirit and unique customer focused approach. As a result, ABG and its employees have earned the respect and admiration of healthcare professionals and competitors alike.

We’ve been deliberate in our strategy to be the supplier and collaborator of choice in the area of linen oversight. Our goal is to forge partnerships that enable us to get our solutions in the hands of as many business partners as possible.

We are continuously improving our industry leading quality, design and service to ensure the best user experience for you, our reusable textile partner.

David Schreiner
President of ABG Systems North America