About ABG Systems


Founded in Italy in 2007, ABG Systems has grown into a leading manufacturer and integrator of automated textile dispensing and tracking solutions. We help organizations that use and process large stocks of textiles improve the management of their textile logistics through RFID automation. Our primary objective is to help our customers maximize the efficiency of their textile management process and minimize textile costs.

A fully integrated dispensing and tracking solution

We are pioneers of a new textile management concept. By leveraging RFID technology, our system not only controls and tracks the distribution of textiles with utmost reliability, but also allows organizations to track their textiles throughout the entire logistic process. From the laundry, to the end-user facility, to the distribution areas, to the users, to the soiled collection basket, and back to the laundry, our solution will help ensure that all textiles are always accounted for.

Quality is in our DNA

All ABG Systems solutions are designed and manufactured in Milan, Italy, using premium quality components. This allows us to guarantee the utmost reliability and durability of our solutions.

No headaches

We have spent years refining our system to make it as user friendly and intuitive as possible. With ABG Systems, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a robust system with several unique capabilities while avoiding the headaches that tend to accompany new technology implementations

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