Complete and personalized support

No matter where you are, whatever are your needs, we guarantee assistance and support. Always

An innovative programme

Wherever in the world your company is based, we provide an unmatched support and maintenance programme developed and implemented over a 10-year-old international experience with multiple facilities.

A clear-cut programme whereby we ensure:

  • efficient functioning of all devices and software systems
  • on-going highest efficiency standards of your service (and business)
  • minimization of failures and malfunctioning  extensive, targeted staff training
  • certainty of timely, resolutive intervention in case of breakdowns
  • the complete and specific training of your staff

Total support for you: from the feasibility study to on-site assistance

Feasibility study

Wherever in the world your company is based, whatever your organization, we support you throughout the feasibility analysis from the technical and financial-economic viewpoint to find the solution best suited to you (and your needs), prior to making whatever investment

Telephone help desk support

You can count on our personalized telephone support service, operating at the weekend and on festive days, with Italian and English-speaking operators. On a day-to-day basis, our specialized personnel support you for any application and system installed.

24h remote diagnostics

We guarantee assistance from remote to any system supplied, reducing intervention timing to the minimum and providing reliable diagnoses under all circumstances. Our remote-alerting services operate 24h 7/7.

Tracked maintenance

We keep full track of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance process to ensure highest control standards, also when it comes to maintenance operations. All our devices are registered in our CMMS maintenance platform so that you can access any kind of technical information, the list of components and maintenance state.

Special training

We provide on-site training addressing your staff as well as the people designated to operate every solution supplied: presentation training targeting small groups of people during which we take you through the functioning of the devices, while allowing everyone to have a first-hand operating experience. In addition, we also provide an e-learning training programme so that you can play back the tutoring any time you need.

Spare parts warehouse

We offer you a spare part management service, with on-site delivery within 24/36 hours from the request submission. Every solution we provide ensures components availability for at least 10 years after the installation.

Benefits of being connected

All the White, Look Up, Easy Locker and Ready reading systems are equipped with tele-diagnostics. Any failure or anomaly can therefore be detected by us and, when possible, remotely resolved by connecting directly to the device.

More than 10 years of our experience, we can safely guarantee that 90% of the anomalies are resolved without the need to send an on-site technician.

For the extreme cases of absence of any form of connectivity, your technician can also operate using a diagnostic interface on the machine of every White distributor and collector, or Ready reading system.

The full guarantee of a customized assistance

Based on your needs, organization and objectives, we can provide tailor-made service standards and a variety of customer care options with a mind to fulfilling all kinds of requests and priority levels.

Contact us for the best support solution suitable for you