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Managing scrubs and linen in your hospital: a major challenge thus far

Scrub and linen loss can be very costly for healthcare organizations. In the absence of a linen and scrub dispensing system, it is very difficult to:

• control for losses
• supply each area of ​​the hospital with their required linen and scrubs
• ensure scrubs are readily available to employees at all hours of the day
• track usage trends to optimize the inventory mix
• restrict scrub usage to reduce laundering costs
• conduct timely inventory counts

Managing scrub and linen inventory manually requires a lot of dedicated resources, which translates into high labor costs and inefficient resource allocation.
While you may have already considered implementing an automated scrub dispensing system, you do not know if and how it will fit your organizational structure, the space in your facility, and how it might compliment the systems currently in place.

Introducing our Intelligent Scrub and Linen Management Solutions

Designed and optimized for the healthcare industry, we have developed the most advanced and comprehensive range of automated linen and scrub dispensing solutions in today’s market. Our system will allow you to gain total control and transparency of the entire textile logistic process, helping you maximize efficiency while driving cost savings.

Build the optimal solution for your facility

No matter what your preferences, space constraints, or organizational requirements may be, we will work with you to design the perfect and most cost-effective solution for your facility!

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