Welcome to the future of intelligent textile management for healthcare facilities

Managing scrubs and linen in your hospital: a major challenge thus far

Scrub and linen loss can be very costly for healthcare organizations. It is estimated that 75-90% of healthcare textiles are lost before reaching their useful life. Why does this occur?

When thousands of uniforms and linens are used each day and hospital administrators have no way to monitor and track inventory, items are often lost, misplaced, hoarded by employees, and sometimes thrown away.

How bad is the issue? Textile loss is estimated to cost the United States healthcare industry around $840 million per year! At ABG Systems, our goal is to help the North American healthcare industry minimize this number.

Introducing our Intelligent Scruband Linen Management Solutions 

Designed and optimized for the healthcare industry, we have developed the most advanced and comprehensive range of automated linen and scrub dispensing solutions in today’s market. Our RFID-based system will allow you to gain complete oversight of the entire textile logistic process, helping you reduce losses by approximately 90%!
In addition to significant loss reduction, our RFID-based dispensing system will help your hospital:
• Ensure each ward has an adequate supply of linen and scrubs
• Improve hospital hygiene by limiting textile contamination
• Track usage trends to optimize your inventory mix
• Reduce par levels
• Reduce overall usage and washing costs

No matter what your preferences, space constraints, or organizational requirements may be, we will work with you to design the perfect and most cost-effective solution for your facility!

Why use an RFID system?

RFID tags are a commonly used means of tracking hospital assets and textiles. Using RFID tags to track the textile distribution process will introduce new levels of transparency and efficiency. Some of the added benefits of using RFID include:
• The ability to integrate any mix of items into your dispensing and tracking process (scrubs, hospital gowns, hospital linen, etc.). Any mix of items can be dispensed from the same machine
• The ability to conduct complete inventory counts within seconds with an RFID reader
• Minimize machine loading time and labour involvement
• The ability to generate extensively detailed reports to analyze usage and losses.
• Leverage the data that is generated each time an RFID tag is read (monitor textile life cycles, track damage from sharps left in uniforms back to end users to educate on harmful impacts, flag items that have reached their maximum number of washes, etc.)

Worried about the cost of RFID tags?

To help your hospital get started, we provide free RFID tags with every dispenser purchased!

Contact us today for a free estimate and savings analysis!