Textile dispensers that automate the textile distribution and management process help increase employee productivity by eliminating many repetitive, trivial manual tasks.

Thinking outside the box

In places like gyms, spas, hotels, and hospitals, where various textile items are used by guests and workers, it is common practice for these organizations to employ workers to manually manage the textile distribution process. In today’s world, where many innovations in the field of textile management and distribution have surfaced, is it really necessary to dedicate employees to these tasks? What if there was a way to automate this process and assign these employees to more productive, profit generating activities?

Automation helps increase employee productivity and your bottom line

Innovations that automate processes are sometimes seen as controversial since such innovations often eliminate labor-intensive jobs. In the case of textile distribution, dispensing systems that automate the distribution process eliminates the need for the employees who traditionally carried out this repetitive, trivial task. However, automating this process does not necessarily mean that these employees should be laid-off – in many cases, there are more productive roles that can be undertaken by these employees that can increase productivity and profits for your business.

Increased quality of service

Using machines to automate a trivial process can help improve service quality. In gyms and spas for example, customers can benefit from automatic towel dispensers that guarantee 24/7 availability, improved towel hygiene, and eliminate the need to rely on staff who may request personal information in case the items are lost. Automating this process makes the experience as unintrusive as possible for the customers.
In addition, employees who previously managed textile distribution can be leveraged to conduct other tasks that improve service and productivity. For example, they can spend more time sanitizing gym equipment, keeping the equipment in order, and ensuring the overall cleanliness and order of the facility to enhance the customer experience. They can also be reassigned to improve the efficiency of other tasks where automation is not possible.

Peripheral efficiencies and cost savings

Automating textile distribution using RFID technology can also bring peripheral advantages relating to productivity and cost savings that organizations seldom consider.
For example, using a system that tracks all usage, transactions and inventories can help the financial and purchasing departments with their forecasts and reporting.
When data is obtained mechanically, the risk of error when forecasting purchases and accounting expenses can be reduced to a minimum. Having instantaneous access to all required data will help employees use their time more efficiently and free up time for other tasks.

Facilitate operational continuity

For organizations that operate around the clock, using dispensing solutions that can be operational 24 hours a day allows for improved operational continuity. Many organizations may not have adequate personnel available to manually manage the distribution process during abnormal works hours, which may cause availability issues during the hours. Using a machine to manage the process automatically will help ensure availability at all hours of the day.

Processes can be automated, but service cannot

Where possible, automation should always be considered for manual and repetitive processes that require dedicated workers. If innovations allow you to conduct processes more efficiently and cut costs without comprising quality and service, there is no reason why they should not be adopted. However, one business aspect that should almost never be replaced by automation is service. When workers are relieved of their duties due to process automation, consider how you can leverage their abilities to increase service quality and improve customer satisfaction.

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