No matter the industry, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. From small clinics to 1000-bed behemoths, medical facilities are surely no exception to this rule. The best way for scrub dispensing solution providers to satisfy the varying size requirements and preferences of these facilities is to offer a diverse range of modular solutions.

What noteworthy benefits can product diversity and modularity give rise to?

Cost and efficiency benefits for hospitals

1. Optimize use of space

In a space-constrained hospital environment, finding ways to minimize the footprint of large appliances is crucial. By working with a modular solution provider, hospitals will have the flexibility to select the perfect size machine for their needs. Providers who offer standardized machines may leave you no choice but to oversize a configuration, a compromise that leads to inefficient use of space.

2. Save money

Modularity allows for significant cost savings. The most expensive components of any machine are the electrical mechanisms that allow the machine to operate. From a manufacturing perspective, adding additional storage slots or doors to an existing machine is much less expensive than producing several smaller independent machines with redundant components. Therefore, compared to suppliers who produce smaller standardized machines, companies who follow a modular approach help hospitals achieve the most efficient and cost-effective configurations.

Advantages for laundries who supply scrub dispensers to their customers

While some hospitals may prefer to use slot dispensers for the hygiene benefits, others will prefer a locker system for the efficiency benefits. Similarly, different hospitals will have varying machine capacity requirements. By partnering with a flexible solution provider, a laundry’s customers can choose their preferred system, while also enjoying the space efficiency and cost-saving benefits that these solutions generate. The end result is utmost customer satisfaction.

An automated distribution system that can be exported to many other sectors

Modularity means the ability to adapt to any type of space, from the large changing rooms of the mining industries to elegant and private spas. Automatic distribution systems are used in many industrial areas such as food and manufacturing industries and wherever the tracked PPE or work tools envisaged.

Even in hotels, spas and gyms, there are often the needs to distribute towels or linen without having to dedicate operators and without risking stock losses at the same time.

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