More than 164k Coronavirus cases have been confirmed to date. With hygiene standards now at the forefront of concerns for the healthcare industry, have you been taking all possible measures to ensure your garment laundering and distribution process is as sterile as it can be?

Following the 2003 SARS outbreak, the New York Times published: “The Doctors Hands Are Germ Free. The Scrubs Too?” It is believed that many healthcare facilities ignore physician clothing as vectors in disease transmission (Parker-Pope, 2008). Studies have proven the prevalence of pathogens carried on the attire of healthcare providers who come into contact with patients (Williams et al, 2015; Reynolds, & Gerba, 2012; Perry, Marshall, & Jones, 2001; Irene, 1998; Nordstrom).

The risk of transferring coronavirus can be largely mitigated by improving safety standards

This does not only include proper laundering – we must also strive to protect clean textiles from external contamination after the laundering process.

ABG Systems can help! We’ve developed controlled textile distribution solutions that will greatly reduce the risk of linen and garment contamination within healthcare facilities, while also providing complete oversight of the entire textile distribution process.

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