Rethinking Scrub Management – Integrated Tracking and Dispensing Solutions

When scrub dispensing solutions were first introduced to the healthcare market,…

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Tessuto tecnico riutilizzabile, una scelta per l'ambiente

Reusable Technical Fabric: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

With the evolution of reusable technical fabrics and high standards of…

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What would happen if in the midst of a pandemic medical personnel did not have clean uniforms to wear at work?

This is clearly an ongoing crisis as hospitals face a growing shortage of…

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Hospital Scrubs dispenser management

Hospital Meets High Demand for Scrubs with Abg Systems solution

Written by CLAIRE SWEDBERG from RFid Journal Montreal’s Jewish General…

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Coronavirus: how to maximize hygiene in the hospital?

The recent Corona Virus outbreak has raised serious concerns across the…

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