How it works

Simple Operation

  • The operator pushes the cage containing the linen inside the UHF Cabin, closes the door and starts scanning the garments by pressing the relevant button
  • A luminous LED signal informs the user when scanning has been completed
  • The cage is removed from the cabin

The metal walls of the cabin confine the electromagnetic waves to the inside of the structure in order to guarantee maximum reliability and scanning accuracy.


  • Maximum scanning accuracy
  • Lower risk of unexpected scanning, thanks to the enclosed environment
  • Maximum user-friendliness



The UHF Cabin is available in several configurations, according to the level of performance and automation required.

  • Model A: this is the entry/basic model, able to perform a complete scan in approx. 12 seconds
  • Model B: a simple but high performance model, it guarantees complete scanning of the garments in approx. 6 seconds
  • Model AT: UHF Cabin model with an automatic door. Scanning performance is identical to the Model B
  • Model DB: this UHF Cabin model has two automatic doors, on at the front and at the rear