The most flexible and modular solution

White Box is the most versatile system for the controlled distribution and collection of uniforms, flat linens, sterile kits, clogs and etc. hygienically.
Supporting up to 8 columns, each column can be divided into a maximum of 4 compartments; while the interior of compartments can be assembled with your choice of hanger kits or shelves. Simultaneously, it can be configured in a soiled collection column, conveniently collecting soiled items in an enclosed compartment.
White Box guarantees timely tracking and oversight of all inventories, identifying the item quantity and location taken by each user. The automatic system updates the availability in type and size in real-time. In attribute to simplicity, the loading and dispensing processes are rapid and efficient, easy to maintain and upkeep. White Box can be built up to 8 columns:
White Box 500:
• with compact columns, optimal for uniform distribution
• 5 column configurations available
• From 1 to 4 doors per column
• Soiled collection column

How it works

Operation is very simple.

In retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with his/her badge directly on the White Box control module
  • The user selects the desired item(s) on the panel PC from a list of withdrawable items
  • White Box unlocks the compartment containing the selected item(s)
  • The user withdraws the item(s), closes the door, and the machine’s inventory is automatically updated.

In the loading phase:

  • The operator activates the loading procedure with his/her badge
  • The stacked items are loaded directly into the wardrobe
  • The operator closes all the cabinet doors
  • White Box automatically stores the contents in the inventory

Like the rest of the White dispensers, White Box has an interactive messaging platform that can inform the system server of any understocked items, triggering an alert to replenish the items. Additionally, through the One software platform, the system administrator can define the thresholds limit alert, which will allow the administrator to ensure prompt availability of supplies.


  • Constant oversight of withdrawals and stock availability at each distribution point
  • Tracks usage and stock rotation
  • Faster withdrawals and loading compared to traditional distributors
  • Restricts unauthorized personnel from accessing items