How it works

The use is immediate for everyone.

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badge
  • White C displays the list of garments available
  • The user selects the garment
  • White C makes the item available to the user immediately by activating the opening of the location indicated

In the loading phase:

  • The operator enables the procedure using his/her own badge
  • The items are scanned in sequence and identified by the machine
  • White C indicates the destination location where the item must be placed
  • White C is also fitted with a vocal system that guides every operation both in the retrieval and loading phases

White C is available in several models, different for dimension, capacity and locations size, to meet any specific distribution requirement your nursing home may have.


  • 30% reduction of total stock
  • Lowering of the non-scheduled refill costs of the garments by up to 90%
  • Guarantee for every user to always have the required garment
  • Less risk of possible infections, thanks to improved hygienic control of the textiles handling
  • Continuous monitoring of consumption and correct planning of use
  • Traceability and unmistakeable identification of every garment
  • Limitation of use of the garments to authorized staff only


Maximum customization for your needs

Every White C model can distribute any mix of garments, both by size and personalized, individual items or sets, to meet any specific requirements of your homecare staff.

The system administrator configures the dispenser operating rules through the ONE software platform, to plan and optimize the mix of garments to distribute, to define the retrieval rules and to set the maximum number of garments that can be retrieved for each category of users.