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Linen & Uniform Dispensers

White C

White C is the optimal solution to dispense uniforms in a controlled, hygienic manner. This scrub dispensing machine contains a series of individual uniform compartments to ensure maximum inventory control. The dedicated scrub compartments ensure that all uniforms remain sterile until dispensed, making it the perfect solution for the distribution of hospital scrubs.

We offer several different White C models, each with a different number of compartments, giving you the flexibility to select the capacity that best suits your needs.


  • Ensure uniforms remain sterile until dispensed
  • Real-time inventory oversight
  • Restocking alerts
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduce losses by 90%
  • Reduce overall garment inventory by 30%
  • Eliminate shortages
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White Box

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution

With the ability to support anywhere between 1 and 6 doors per module, the White Box is the most flexible uniform and scrub dispenser in today’s market. The embedded RFid scanners allow you to fully stock the machine in just a few minutes, minimizing labor involvement and costs. Best of all, with the capacity to store large stocks of textiles at a competitive price, the White Box is extremely cost-effective.


  • Rapid loading and dispensing
  • Real-time inventory oversight
  • Restocking alerts
  • Intuitive operation
  • Reduce losses by 90%
  • Reduce overall garment inventory by 30%
  • Eliminate shortages
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White Basket

Compact and elegant, White Basket is the ‘automatic collector’ for soiled workwear

Thanks to the RFid tags embedded in the uniforms, White Basket does not require any particular interaction.

Simply drop the scrub into the trapdoor, and the system will automatically scan the uniform and return the credit to the user – It’s that simple!

White Basket is available in a few different sizes. No matter how much space you have, we’ll make it fit!

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White Cab

WHITE Cab is an RFID-enabled smart cabinet designed for the efficient distribution and secure storage of linen.
The system leverages UHF RFID technology to track retrievals and usage of textiles by department.

• Track distribution to each department and ensure linen is kept secure
• Track losses from each department
• Track kpi’s to maxime efficiency

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Reduce your textile losses by up to 90%

RFid Reading Systems

Ready Antennas

Antenna Pad is an RFid HF or UHF reader in a dimension of 55x55cm, resizable with specific requests. In the mid-range module, it guarantees a maximum reading distance of 40cm with ABG Tags LT15/BT15. In which it is specifically suitable for reading all the textiles simultaneously in a package. Both types of antennas are protected in a sanitizable plastic case.

LDR antenna is a shielded UHF reading stand, capable of reading garments particularly close together and without the risk of erroneous readings due to the presence of other tags outside the antenna.

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Ready UHF Cabin

Simple and precise, UHF Cabin is the solution designed for massive reading of linen. A completely shielded cabin that optimizes the precision of the reading system with each type of garment.

UHF Cabin is available in different versions, depending on the level of performance and automation required:

  • Model A: complete reading of all garments in 10sec
  • Model B: for bigger height requirement
  • Model C: much capacious for fitting 120cm wide roll cages
  • Model D: 5-piece dismountable cabin for flexible installation
  • Model E: double-door design
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Ready Automatic Parcel Reading

The UHF automatic parcel reading system is a scalable solution for inventorying and allocating outbound parcels to the destination site in the laundry. The system consists of different components that can be mutually integrated regarding the multiple production needs and specifications.

The system is formed by

  • One or more conveyor belts
  • A fully-screened UHF reading tunnel 
  • A print-and-apply system
  • Single or multiple sorting stations
  • Gravity and power unloading buffers

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of RFid tracking

RFid Tags

An RFid tag is a small label-shaped device that can be easily applied onto any textile.

ABG Systems manufactures various types of RFid tags that allow you to track any product or textile. These RFid tags will generate data about each individual product, which will help increase the efficiency and oversight of your logistic process.

LT56 Label is a new UHF RFid tag concept that combines the UHF functionalities with the features of a wide range of traditional fabric labels. One single product now brings multiple advantages.

  • LT56 Brand Label
  • LT56 Barcode Label
  • LT56 QR Code Labe
  • LT56 Info Label
  • LT56 Combo Label, all features aforementioned in one
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ONE Software - Manage all your textiles in ONE place

One is the intelligent software platform that interacts with each WHITE dispenser and READY scanner. With One , you will be able to track and manage your entire textile logistic process in real-time from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

ONE Controls:

  • WHITE dispensers for the collection and distribution of scrub, uniform, accessories, and linens
  • READY scanners for counting and tracking of soiled and clean garments


  • Monitor the real-time status of each dispenser and collector
  • Monitor inventory in each department
  • Monitor where, from whom and when a uniform is used and returned for washing
  • Algorithm to optimize the inventory mix
  • Set restocking alert thresholds
  • Generate customized usage reports
  • Integration with laundry ERP’s from other vendors
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Reduce your textile losses by up to 90%