When scrub dispensing solutions were first introduced to the healthcare market, they were primarily touted as devices that would help control distribution and reduce the loss of scrubs. While common features such as machine inventory monitoring and usage reporting were appreciated, loss reduction had always driven the investment decision for hosptials, and to a great extent, it still does today.

Fast forward to 2022, and many manufacturers have entered the market for textile dispensers, each with their own differentiating features. Thanks to innovations in the field of textile tracking, some of these new players have built on the original concept of loss-minimization and transformed it into something much more powerful.

The Rise of RFID Tracking – Ushering in a New Era of Scrub Management Innovations

Over the last few years, Radio frequency identification (RFID) has become an increasingly prominent textile tracking tool. Smaller in size, newer generation RFID laundry tags – whose cost have fallen dramatically since their inception – have helped many industrial laundries improve process efficiency and accuracy. Since more and more linens and scrubs circulating through hospitals now contain RFID tags, some of the more innovative manufacturers have brought RFID-compatible dispensing solutions to market.

From a hardware perspective (dispenser and receiver machines), RFID can:

  • Improve reliability by tracking the distribution and return of unique textiles (through their RFID codes)
  • Reduce machine loading time
  • Simplify and make the return process a lot quicker

While these are certainly nice improvements, it is the supporting software that makes RFID a real game-changer. The most robust RFID dispensing solutions on the market are equipped with software packages that not only monitor distribution and machine inventory, but have the ability to track scrubs and other textiles throughout the entire logistic process. Indeed, thanks to RFID, scrub management systems are no longer limited to loss control, but now serve as complete inventory management solutions.

ABG Systems’ Integrated Tracking and Dispensing Solution

Since 2006, ABG Systems has been one of the pioneers in the RFID textile tracking and dispensing space. We are in fact the company that pioneered the integrated textile tracking and dispensing solution. By leveraging a combination of dispensers, RFID scanners, and the ONE software platform, ABG’s system allows operators to:

  • Gain complete visibility of their inventory
  • Monitor their inventory throughout the various stages of the logistic process
  • Identify sources of loss that are not captured by simple dispensing machines
  • Forecast purchase requirements, (supply chain).
  • Track inventory in all areas of the facility, even where dispensers are not present
  • Track item wash cycles
  • Track damage back to the user
  • Integrate other textiles into the tracking process – such as linen, slings, mops, etc.
  • Conduct complete inventory counts instantaneously
  • Manually track textile distribution

The inventory management capabilities of our integrated solution make it a perfect fit for facilities that process and/or own their textiles, as well as for industrial laundries who are looking to close the gap in their RFID tracking process.

You may be thinking – this sounds great, but how much is it going to cost me?

Our RFID solutions are priced competitively with old school non-RFID solutions, and given how affordable tags have become, the additional investment required for our RFID system is little to none and is more than compensated by all the peripheral benefits that they provide. 

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