The management and distribution of towels and bathrobes to guests of gym centers, tennis clubs, swimming pools, and golf clubs often represents an important item for those who must keep the budget under control.

Through an automated distribution system, costs can be reduced in three ways:

  • 90% reduction in textile losses
  • 30% reduction in stock
  • Reallocation of staff to serve the customer

What are the critical points of manual distribution?

Even if we know that during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is a key point in the management of places open to the public. There are also two main critical issues that make the process of manual distribution of textiles ineffective:

  • the loss of a significant number of towels;
  • the assignment of low-profile activities to the staff, removing them from more qualified and customer support tasks.

Distributing bathrobes and towels and collecting them once used is a very simple and repetitive activity that can be entrusted to an automated distribution and collection system.

Can lowering the quality of textiles to contain costs be an effective solution?

Due to frequent towel losses, purchasing managers in gyms and spas are forced to restore stock levels through new orders and difficult planning. The most common solution is to reduce the cost of towels by choosing low-quality fabrics. However, this means lowering the standards to make ends meet, and often it turns out to be a bad choice. In fact, in the long term, it is not an effective solution because it needs the continuous restocking of the stocks and it’s impossible to keep the flow of use and the expenses under control.

Furthermore, the choice of reducing quality standards directly impacts customer satisfaction, who love to be treated with care. In addition to this, the low quality fabrics results in a shorter lifetime due to rapid deterioration during washing cycles.

How does automated distribution work?

Thanks to a small Rfid TAG sewn onto the towels, ABG Systems’ “intelligent” cabinets are able to inventory everything that is placed inside them in a few seconds. When a member of the club through a log-in system (pin, badge, bracelet, etc.) logs-in to the locker, called White Box, one of the doors will open, allowing the user to withdraw what it needs. When the door is closed, the White Box carries out a quick inventory, assigning the number and type of textiles picked up to the user.

In this way it is always possible to know who is using certain items taken from the wardrobe.

At the end of use it will be sufficient to insert the textiles in the appropriate collector column and the system will record the return.

The management of towels becomes smart for the staff, and losses are almost eliminated. In addition, the system monitors the number of textiles present in the White Box and in the dirty collector columns, sending alerts to request the reloading of clean garments or the removal of dirty ones.

A lot of information thanks to ONE, ABG Systems' simple and intuitive software

Monitoring flows and keeping stock under control is extremely simple. With ONE, the software that allows you to manage the distribution system, you can see the filling levels of each column of the intelligent cabinet in real-time. Thanks to an artificial intelligence system, after some weeks of use, the software is able to suggest the optimal stocks, show access flows, highlight peak hours, and suggest a routine for recharging the machines and collecting dirt.

Furthermore, it is possible to check the average life of the garments based on the number of washing cycles and foresee the restoration of stocks in time.

Is automated distribution effective even in small sports and gym clubs?

The White Box smart cabinets are completely modular and simple to customize according to your needs and dimensions. The system works thanks to a totem that’s a “control center” with a touch screen that allows you to log in and select the desired garments. Up to 8 distribution columns can be placed side by side with the totem, even at different times. Each column is 50 cm wide and can have from 1 to 4 doors. The collection columns are equipped with a small door for the return of dirty garments and can be combined with the distribution cabinet without quantity limits.

What is the ideal sizing for my gym club?

To accurately estimate the ideal number of columns, it is necessary to know the number and type of textiles to be distributed, and their dimensions after folding.

Each club, swimming pool, or sports club has specific needs and in order to have an estimate of the correct dimensioning, in terms of the number of columns and its cost, it is advisable to schedule a call to the ABG Systems experts. You can do it by filling out the form below, indicating the number of users to be served, the type of textiles to be distributed and their dimensions.

In addition, at our showroom, you can see a demonstration of how smart wardrobes and the software to manage our automated textile distribution systems work. Fix an appointment and you will receive comprehensive information and demonstrations, tailored to your needs and your sports center.

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