Textile Tracking

Asset tracking systems are used in many industries and environments, helping organizations monitor the movement and flow of inventoried items. In the context of industrial laundries with customers that use textiles on a large scale, tracking systems are leveraged to monitor their whereabouts at every step of the process: from the laundry, to the customer facility, within the customer facility, and back to the laundry.

Textile tracking, which can be achieved using RFID laundry tags, allows for improved inventory control and oversight, process automation, and helps generate previously unattainable data to make more informed business decisions.

Workwear dispenser

Machines used for the automatic distribution of workwear by organizations that cycle through many valuable uniforms on a daily basis. These machines can dispense items like uniforms, PPE, towels, sterile kits, and clogs in order to track all transactions. In contrast to the traditional “free for all” method of distributing workwear in places like hosptials, gyms, hotels, etc., dispensing machines introduce an element of control, tracking and automation in the uniform distribution process, which ultimately helps organizations minimize associated costs.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that facilitates the automatic identification of objects, animals or people via electronic labels, in which data is digitally stored. These labels can be scanned at a distance by fixed or portable devices, commonly known as “antennas“. Identification is achieved through radio frequency, whereby the scanning antennas and RFID labels can interact.

Workwear Collector

Machine which is designed for the collection of garments or other objects for sanitization after use. An intelligent laundry hamper that is embedded with an RFID reading system to identify the collected items and user who has returned the items. In ABG Systems’ product lines, these machines are part of a process that helps organizations track items at every stage

Asset Tracking Software

The software categorizes and provides a digital description of goods and objects presented in corresponding locations in real time. The database contains a list of inventoried objects and is available to administrators or warehouse managers for managing the availability or use of assets at all times. ABG Systems specializes in digital inventory management of textiles and workwear, helping improve the accuracy of inventory data and enabling efficient, advanced planning of all purchases.

Procurement Planning

Planning purchases of assets (most often replenishing). ABG Systems has developed value-added technologies to improve the procurement process, increasing efficiency, liquidity, productivity, safety, and the management of the supply chain. This helps ensure a sufficient quantity of workwear will always be available for highly valued, important employees (doctors, nurses, food processing employees, etc.)

Reading Tunnel

Reading tunnel is designed for the automatic recognition of objects, fabrics or products that pass through the scanning tunnel. Thanks to embedded radio frequency reading devices, it is able to accurately identify any item which has RFID tag passing through the scanning area. ABG Systems has created reading tunnels suitable for diverse production environments, in particular for the laundry and healthcare sectors. The latest reading tunnels of the ABG Systems’ family also feature remote diagnostics, fast and accurate massive reading to increase operational efficiency.

Hanging Garment Management

Series of technologies, machineries and processes that enable the handling of vertically hung garments within a working area (warehouse, laundry, etc.). Hanging garment management is especially crucial to the textile, clothing and laundry service sectors. ABG Systems offers highly automated solutions for accurate readings of on-the-move items, thanks to RFID technologies and management software.

Table Antenna

RFID reading device that can be used on flat surfaces to read stacks of textiles. Like a classic antenna, it receives and transmits data. ABG Systems provides reliable and accurate table antennas, which are adaptable to different operating environments and process requirements.


RFID tags are microchips used for reading and writing information via radio frequency. They are used to track assets, warehouse inventory, etc. to facilitate rapid identification for traceability, security, anti-theft or geolocation applications. There are many different types, sizes and dimensions of RFID tags. In the context of textiles, they can be found as labels or in the form of small buttons. They can be sewn or adhered directly onto the fabrics, or applied via a thermo patching process. They can be used in industrial and logistic applications where the identification and tracking of progressive steps is necessary (for example, production, shipping and delivery). They exist in both HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) formats, which have different read ranges. ABG Systems has become a market leader in the field of RFID tags and tracking for textiles.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword referring to the extension of the Internet in the world of concrete objects and places. This expression indicates the possibility of incorporating physical objects and places within networking systems to record movements or activate integrated functions or processes. Within this network, objects are recognizable and can communicate with each other. ABG Systems’ solutions embrace this philosophy, building intelligent solutions for the recognition and management of garments, workwear or textiles.

Automatic lockers

“Intelligent” locker-style cabinets that store textiles and other items. Combined with software solutions, the smart locker can track all items that are removed from it, as well as the person who removed the items. Smart lockers provide the same end result as automated dispensers, and are much simpler to use and maintain. They are the perfect solution for organizations that are looking to track the distribution of items in a simple, unintrusive way (hotels, gyms, spas, resorts, etc.).

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