The pandemic and the issues related to logistics have underscored the importance of textile management and being fiscally responsible. The use of RFid technology has ensured the traceability of garments, improving logistics, and ensuring high quality control of uniform distribution. This has guaranteed high hygiene standards, leading to an increase in requests for information and supplies from ABG Systems. Our company provides the right solutions, ensuring the availability of individual safety devices even during peak requests. To guarantee efficiency, intelligent, well-programmed software is needed. It must be compatible with hardware solutions. Pietro, who recently joined the company, was interviewed by ABG Story.

Pietro, how did you get to join ABG and what do you do there?

I am an automation engineer. My passion lies in electronics. I worked in the field of industrial automation in a large company in northern Italy and I was looking for an opportunity to grow professionally. I responded to an ABG job advertisement, and after two interviews, I was offered a position within the software department. Today, my work revolves around programming, looking specifically at the management of industrial processes.

What impressed you about the company so much so that you decided to move to Milan?

I accepted the position without any hesitation because I immediately realized that it was a challenging opportunity that I wanted to take. ABG Systems operates in key sectors today, from healthcare to industry and employs cutting-edge technology. The first time I visited the company, I was intrigued by the distribution of uniforms in production. I began to immediately think about their operation and the programming system that they had developed. I also began to think about their electronic systems, which, of course, is my true passion. I realized that working for ABG Systems would give me an opportunity to really use my skills and put them to good use, and at the same time, learn new and challenging things.

The distribution of gowns, the management and traceability of textiles were things that I never really knew. I now understand how vital this is to many sectors for the near and distant future, in addition to the hospital sector. My work involves learning more about the everyday complex business dynamics, and I’m very excited about this part of my job.

Your role is quite technical. What were your initial impressions about the workplace and of your new colleagues?

From the very beginning, especially during the interview, I understood that the people here at ABG are highly competent and skilled. In the upcoming months, I will study computer language that I have not used for some time, and I will use my skills and expertise in the automation sector. I realized that at ABG, there is maximum flexibility, and the motto/watchwords are “close-knit and collaboration”. Once I started my new job, I felt like I was part of the team. I was welcomed and accepted. I noticed that all of my colleagues, even those from the different departments, were very professional and cooperative/team-oriented. This rapport creates a conducive work environment where goals and aims can be achieved quite quickly.

What do you hope to achieve now and in the future at ABG?

I have realized that, in the past several weeks, that my experience and skills would be useful in connecting the production and software development departments, two departments that already work closely with one another. My experience in the field of automation could be an opportunity to bring more innovation to the company, and by working closely with my colleagues, increase performance solutions. I also hope, of course, to aid and support my colleagues in the software department, and learn more about the different technologies that we use here.

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