Traceability of Garments

Traceability is a set of useful tools and processes that allow you to track the movements and identify the path taken by products, objects and goods in general. In the case of garments and workwear, traceability consists in knowing all the current and past statuses of the garments, from the laundry, to the delivery, in circulation on end-user side, up to return to the laundry for washing.The traceability of the garments, which can be implemented by applying a RFID tag on the garments, allows the oversight of the textile, thus allowing greater control of stocks, uses, elimination of manual counting and possibility to mark important information about the textile directly on the microchip sewn on it.

Distributor of Workwear

Machine that allows controlled and automatic garment distribution used in a specific workplace. The smart distributor allows access to a single item/set at a time, with greater control of distribution. Besides, in case of an intelligent wardrobe, it allows access to the entire contents of a single door. Thanks to RFID technologies and any personal recognition system (badge, numeric password, fingerprint, etc.), the distributor allows you to distribute garments by size, customized garments, sterile kits, PPE. While tracking the use, it monitors the total number of items employed and who retrieves the item.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology

In telecommunications and electronics with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), we refer to a technology for the automatic identification and information storage regarding objects, animals or people via electronic labels, called Tags. In which store data in digital format. These labels can be scanned remotely by fixed or portable devices, commonly known as “RFID readers”. Identification is activated by radio frequency, thanks to the reader which is able to communicate and update the information within the tags.

Automatic Collector

Machine which is designed for the collection of garments or other objects after their use for their subsequent sanitization. In the advanced and intelligent form of a classic “basket”, the automatic collector is embedded with the RFID reading system for identifying the collected objects and recognising user who has returned the garment and tracking their use. In ABG Systems’ product lines, these machines are part of a solution to follow the entire path of use of garments and workwear within the workplace.

Management Software

The software categorises and provides digital description of goods and objects presented in corresponding locations and at a given time. The database contains the list of inventoried objects and is available to administrators or warehouse managers for managing the availability or use of assets in real time. ABG Systems apply the concept of digital inventory to the management of textiles and workwear, eliminating any delay due to in lack of accurate inventory information and enabling efficient, advance planning of all procurements.

Procurement of Garments

Stocking up on workwear, it is a specific type of supply, which is necessary in production contexts in which the work uniform is essential for the performance of one’s duties (for example, doctors, nurses, employees in food sector, etc.). ABG Systems have developed high value-adding technologies to improve the entire procurement process, increasing efficiency, safety, control over stocks and supply chain.

Reading Tunnel

Reading tunnel is designed for the automatic recognition of objects, fabrics or products that pass through the scanning tunnel. Thanks to radio frequency reading devices embedded, it is able to accurately identify any item which has RFID tag and crosses through the scanning area. ABG Systems have created reading tunnels suitable for diverse production environments, in particular for the laundry and healthcare sectors. The latest reading tunnels of the ABG Systems’ family also equip with remote diagnostics, a fast and accurate massive reading to increase operational efficiency.

Hanging Garment Management

Series of technologies, machineries and processes that allow you to handle vertically hung garments and within a predefined working area (warehouse, laundry, etc.). Hanging garment management is especially crucial to the textile, clothing and laundry service sectors. ABG Systems offer highly automated solutions for intelligent readings of on-the-move items, thanks to RFID technologies and specific management software.

Table Antenna

Tag reading device that can be used on flat surfaces to read a limited amount of textiles. Like a classic antenna, it receives data and transmits them, and allows the reading of information contained in RFID tags upon the flat surfaces. ABG Systems provide highly reliable table antennas, designed to cater different operating contexts and different process requirements.


Tags are microchips used for reading and writing information via radio frequency. They are utilized in products, boxes, etc. in order to identify the object and its contents, for traceability, security, anti-theft or geolocation applications. RFID tags are in various types, sizes and dimensions. They can be presented as labels or in the form of small buttons. They can be sewn or adhered directly onto the fabrics, or applied via a thermo patching process. They can be used in industrial and logistic applications where the identification and traceability of progressive steps is necessary (for example, production, shipping and delivery). Using RFID antennas, it is possible to read and identify goods, machineries or others. The standards used in radio frequency can be in HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for long-distanced data transmission. ABG Systems has become the market leader for solutions that use RFID tags for the traceability of textiles, workwear, PPE and garments.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things IoT is a neologism referring to the extension of the Internet to the world of concrete objects and places. This expression indicates the possibility of incorporating physical objects and places within networking systems to record movements or activate integrated functions or processes. Within this network, objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact that they can communicate through data about themselves and access aggregated information from others. ABG Systems’ solutions embrace this philosophy, building intelligent work environments for the recognition and management of garments, workwear or textiles.

Automatic lockers

Small “intelligent” cabinets are designed in locker-style for storing clothes and personal belongings in work, school or leisure amenities (hotels, gyms, swimming pools, etc.). Combined with software solutions, the smart locker operates in mechanical opening and closing activated by badge access. The management of the lockers can be taken advantage of the automation to provide personal identification for users and to monitor the goods stored or removed. In work or leisure environments that follow personal hygiene or safety rules, the smart locker helps check the compliance of internal regulations and the proper procedures.

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