The future of smart service management for the retirement home

Nursing home: a demanding setting

You know well that the management of nursing homes poses a complex, delicate challenge: besides healthcare services, high-quality hospitality standards are utmost essential.

The organizational complexity of your facility impacts textiles management too: your staff needs to constantly rely on the clean, neat uniform; your guests need to be assured with an efficient laundry service and flatworks regularly monitored and sanitized. Without the appropriate approach, it may result in waste, logistic problems and poor efficiency. So far.

Greater efficiency for your structure, higher quality for your guests’ garments

Introducing Intelligent Garment Management, the automated distribution solution designed for your homecare facility.

The first system ever merged the intelligent software platform, One, with our White product line, the suite of automated textile dispensers which ensures total controls and utmostly efficient distributions of all garments and flatworks in the compound: hanging or folded personal garments, uniforms, towels, beddings and etc..

Sanitized uniforms are always available

Your employees value the availability of clean, sanitized workwear always. Undoubtedly, organizing the distribution and retrieval processes require efficient logistic standards. We have developed the solution to untangling you from the hassle of this type of management implies.

A one-of-a-kind targeted service: delivering and collecting uniforms alongside monitoring its usage will no longer become a problem. One software equips you with the ability to check, oversee the usage and plan purchases conveniently. Boost the quality of work and productivity, simultaneously, increase the overall value of your nursing home.

Flatwork: quality, control, hygiene and safety

In every convalescent home, providing neat, clean linens is the paramount importance of the service.

With a view to slenderizing flatwork management and ensuring the safe and sanitized storage of linens, a practical and user-friendly solution is developed: a smart cabinet that allows you to monitor the usage of linens and constantly keep track of spare materials and supplies.

The guarantee of a far-reaching international experience in the retirement home

Installations of automated distribution systems worldwide, on-going interaction and dialogue with nurses and managers.







A tailor-made system for your nursing homes, residents and employees

You can have the optimal solution, one that meets your management requirements. A consistent solution is tailor-made to fit your nursing home, no matter relying on industrial laundries or on an in-house laundry division.

For the first time, you can genuinely count on an intelligent, automatic textile management and distribution system:

  • your distribution needs and objectives
  • the upscaled space utilization
  • linen logistics, work schedule of staff

New quality service standards in your facility

Reinforced hygiene and safety control

Improve the hygiene standards of your staff’s workwear, assuring everyone works in regularly sanitized garments and a safe working environment

A solution dedicated for you

Implement the right solution for your structure in terms of the right number and type of dispensers best satisfying all your on-going needs

Real-time traceability and all-round control

Monitor all the linen assets and their intended use in real time; and thus achieve the service effectiveness and optimization

Speed, simplicity and added efficiency

Maximize efficiency in time and service of collection and replenishment of workwear and accessories in the automatic dispensers

Seamless software integration

Reliable management software integration; smooth system migration without any service effectiveness altered, even in the healthcare settings

Elevated eco-sustainability of your structure

Optimize from the distribution processes, to the washing quantity, stock replenishment; leading to overall reduced consumption, lowering environmental impact

All-round assistance

Support all software and dispenser issues, 24hr remote control and timely on-site intervention

On-going updates and upgrades

Update and upgrade One (and White dispensers) periodically to enhance your system performance

Special training to be independent

Provide live and e-learning programmes to take your staff through the operation of the units and distribution systems

Extra values of customized management for your guests’ garments

Hassle-free and instant retrieval

The certainty to be retrieved by the right owner

Prevent missing, swapped and unwanted incidents

Efficient sorting operations

More about the solutions best suitable for you

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White Clogs

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