The future of intelligent textile management for the healthcare sector

The management of linen in hospitals: so far, a daunting task

You well know the challenge beneath the management of uniforms, linens and textiles in your hospital. Differentiated needs are entangled among all aspects, from wards, staff working shifts, to logistics and space of the facilities. Simultaneously, the sophisticated relationships between soiled management and the need for cleanliness, hygiene and infection control corresponding to the habits of every staff member is non-negligible.

Such dynamics require immense workload and dedicated resources, not to mention high costs, to maintain effective management and efficient service standards. While you may have heard of automated distribution, you might wonder if and how it can fit your structure and the space in your facility, complement the systems currently in place, let alone overcome misgivings and resistance of involved parties.

A significant problem. So far.

Newfound in the healthcare world, a value-adding opportunity

Introducing Intelligent Garment Management, the automated distribution solution designed for your healthcare facility. The first system ever merged the intelligent software platform, One, with our White product line, the suite of automated linen dispensers which ensures total controls and utmostly efficient distributions of all the garments used in your facility: hanging and folded scrubs, uniforms, flatworks, sterilized kits, clogs and etc.

Discover Intelligent Garment Management


The management of hospital linens at its smartest

Compared to any other textile distribution system currently in the market, Intelligent Garments Management allows you to monitor and track every single garment and its intended use: monitor the quantity, type of garments retrieved and withdrawn, also corresponding details of who, when and where involved.

What’s more, thanks to the self-learning function analyzing the retrievals patterns and frequency of hospital staff; software One suggests the optimized combination of garments in type and quantity to effectively meet individual requests concerning every ward and every dispensing solution.

Long-established international expertise in healthcare

Intelligent Garments Management System is the achievement following numerous installations of automated distribution systems in healthcare facilities globally for more than a decade.







Easy-to-install, intuitive high-tech solutions

Intelligent Garments Management System operates in a prompt and safe way; new efficiency standards for your organization.

The intelligent software One can be easily integrated with any current-in-used management software and systems, thus delivering unmatched ease of installation in the healthcare settings.

Furthermore, with the user-friendly graphic interface featuring the latest graphic designs and test runs, the collection and replenishment of workwear and linens have become whirlwind and simple for both administrators and operators.

Customization to best satisfy your needs

Thanks to the wide range of White dispensers available, including the latest-generation ultra-light designs, you can install dispensers nearly everywhere in your facility.

Based on a calculation and profiling methodology developed and fine-tuned throughout an over 10-year-old experience in a variety of Italian and international healthcare facilities, we design the optimal solution, our White line dispensers for:

  • your distribution needs and objectives
  • upscaled space utilization
  • linen logistics, work schedule and much more

All the benefits of Intelligent Textile Management

Real-time traceability and all-round control

Monitor all the linen assets and their intended use in real-time; and thus achieve the service effectiveness and optimization

Reinforced hygiene and safety control

Diminish the risk of clean garment contamination and bacterial spread; stricter hygiene standards to linens and workwear


Optimize from the distribution process to the washing quantity, stock replenishment; reduced overall consumption and environmental impact

All-round assistance

Support all software and dispenser issues, 24hr remote control and timely on-site intervention

Significant cost saving with optimized inventory

Yield major economic benefits as early as the first year installation, e.g. 30% stock reduction and minimized unscheduled replenishment up to 90%

Speed, simplicity and added efficiency

Maximize efficiency in time and service of collection and replenishment of workwear and accessories in the automatic dispensers

A solution dedicated for you

Implement the right solution for your structure in terms of the right number and type of dispensers best satisfying all your on-going needs

Special training to be independent

Provide live and e-learning programmes to take your staff through the operation of the units and distribution systems

24/7 scrub distribution to the authorized (only)

Confine use of garments, setting the maximum number of garments collectible, while ensuring scrubs always available without shortage

Ad-hoc management of spaces

Targeted, differentiated management of each surgical unit and ward, improved the spatial organization of your structure

Seamless software integration

Reliable management of software integration; smooth system migration without any service effectiveness altered

On-going updates and upgrades

Update and upgrade One (and White dispensers) periodically to enhance your system performance

Choose the solutions best suitable to your needs

White C

Distribution of single scrubs and uniforms

White Box

Ultra-flexible scrub and linen distribution

White Clogs

Sanitized footwear always available

White Basket

Return soiled uniform anytime hygienically


Textile management software platform

White Case

Distribute bulky items in reduced spaces

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