The future of intelligent flatwork management for hotel

The flatwork management in your hotel: real challenging

The management of flatwork in rooms is essential to the aim of the service you offering to your customers yet extremely complex and tricky for you to keep track of: you need to daily monitor the inventory, the amount of linen used in every room, the amount of soiled dropped at the laundry, the missing, the working performance, as well as the quality and hygiene standards of the linen supplied.

Room cleanliness standards are forever the key benchmarks against the customers’ choices. It requires immense workload and dedicated resources, not to mention high costs, to maintain effective management and efficient service standards.

When all-round control translates into added efficiency

Introducing a hotel-oriented system which combines the user-friendly software platform, One Hotel, with White, the most comprehensive range of automated dispensers ever found in the market. Upon reaching the hotel, each textile is tracked throughout the delivery to the intended floor, pick-up from the room maid, usage in the room and drop-off at the laundry.

You can oversee and manage the distributions of all the linens and uniforms to the rooms, amenities, restaurants, every corner of your hotel and resorts efficiently and instantaneously.

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce wastefulness
  • Reinforce hygienic control
  • Maximize the quality standards

Information you can gain via Intelligent Linens Management

With software platform One Hotel, you can constantly monitor all the information about the management of your textiles in real-time:

  • the amount of linen available in the central storage and on every floor
  • what linen items the staff providing every room with
  • the daily amount of soiled linen sending to the laundry
  • the number of washes performed on the textiles

Choose the White solutions best suited to your hotel

Maximizing sanitization standards, adding value to your hotel

Diminish the risk of clean linen contamination; stricter hygiene standards

A solution dedicated for you

Higher the efficiency and hygiene standards, better the brand reputation

24/7 linen retrieval to the authorized (only)

Confine use of linens and monitor retrieval patterns of staff, while ensuring towels and beddings always available

Real-time traceability and all-round control

Keep track of all linens circulation and usage in real-time, optimizing the service effectiveness

Simplicity, added efficiency and Eco-sustainability

Keep room costs in check and eliminate wastefulness in an eco-sustainable manner

Seamless software integration

Reliable management software integration, streamlining distribution processes and consumptions

Intelligent Flatwork Management

For the first time, you can rely on a smart flatwork management and distribution system tailor-made for:

the distribution needs and objectives

the actual space available

Discover the solution best suited for you

White Box

Ultra-flexible scrub and linen distribution

White Basket

Return soiled uniform anytime hygienically


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