Welcome to the future of intelligent flatwork management for hotel

The management of flatwork in your hotel: so far, a difficult task

The management of flatwork in rooms is essential to the aim of the service you offering to your customers yet extremely complex and tricky for you to keep track of: you need to daily monitor the availability of textiles stocks, the amount of linen used in every room, the soiled textiles dropped at the laundry, the missing textiles, the room maids’ work, as well as the quality and hygiene standards of the linen supplied.

You well aware that room cleanliness standards are one of the key benchmarks against which customers assess your hotel.

A situation that not only requires on-going control, manual work and dedicated resources, but also leaves you to face high costs, management hassle and poorly efficient service standards.

So far.

When all-round control translates into added efficiency

Introducing a hotel-focused system which combines the intelligent software One Hotel with White, the most comprehensive range of automated dispensers ever found in the market.
Upon reaching the hotel, each textile is tracked throughout the delivery to the intended floor, pick-up from the room maid, usage in the room and drop-off at the laundry: you can constantly monitor and efficiently distribute all the linen, while checking usage in your hotel in real time.

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce wastefulness
  • Increase hygienic control
  • Maximize the service standards offered to your customers

Find out all the information you can have from the intelligent flatwork management

With One Hotel, the intelligent software installed in the hotel, you can constantly monitor all the information about the management of your textiles in real time:

  • the amount of linen available in the warehouse and on every floor
  • what linen items the room maids providing every room with
  • the daily amount of soiled linen sent to the laundry
  • the number of washes performed on the textiles you used

Choose the White solutions best suited to your hotel

Maximizing sanitization standards, bringing added value to your hotel

You can sustain the quality of work and the productivity of your staff and room maids

A solution designed around you

You increase your hotel’s hygiene control and standards by providing new value to your guests, likely to heighten the image of both your service and hotel overall

Round-the-clock distribution to authorized personnel (only)

You can monitor all the garments and related usage: traceability of circulation and usage from your employees. Real-time monitoring of the the effectiveness of the service and to evaluate possible optimizations

Real-time traceability and all-round control

You can monitor all the garments and their intended use: track handling and usage from the people entitled. You can thus monitor the service effectiveness in real time and the need, if any, for optimization

Speed, simplicity and added efficiency

Reduce wastefulness and keep room costs in check

Easily installed and incorporated in your structure

You can optimize the distribution processes, the number of washes, stocks and refilling while diminishing consumption, reducing the environmental impact and increasing the eco-sustainability of your hotel

Discover the solutions best suitable for your Hotel

For the first time you can rely on a smart automatic system for the management and distribution of flatwork tailor-made to fit you:

your distribution needs and objectives

the actual space available

Discover the solution best suited for you

White Box

Controlling the distribution&use of workwears has never been so easy

White Basket

Return soiled workwear at any time


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