Welcome to the future of smart workwear management for industries

The management of workwear: so far, a complicated task

Managing staff’s workwear, accessories and tools is becoming a growingly challenging task. Besides catering to every staff member’s differentiated needs, taking utmost care of workwear and tools to ensure occupational safety, you are required to comply with stricter garments control and certifications. On a day-to-day basis, you are required to make sure that each staff member can count on flawless workwear. This situation takes a huge amount of manual work and dedicated resources which implies you to cope with high costs, management hassle and poorly efficient service standards. So far.

New efficiency standards for your company

Starting today you can manage and distribute the workwear in your company through an intelligent, automated system. With the aid of intelligent automated distribution, you can count on new control standards which maximize the efficiency of the workwear management service, simplify the laundry service and ensure the on-going availability and distribution of garments. The guarantee all the garments and work accessories in your company will meet outstandingly efficient distribution and control standards.

The guarantee of an established international experience in workwear distribution

Installation of automated distribution systems in companies and industrial plants all over the world for over 10 years.







Simple and straightforward

We bring you the first system ever combining the intelligent software platform One with White, the most comprehensive range of automated dispensing solutions currently in the market. Easily installed in your company, the system delivers intuitive operation thanks to the new graphic interface developed to meet latest-generation graphic design standards and tests carried out with the company’s staff.

A solution designed around your needs

A solution designed for your needs

Thanks to a calculation and profiling methodology developed and fine-tuned throughout an
over 10-year-old experience in multiple Italian and international companies,
we design bespoke solutions for every client, the optimal one in terms of number and type of dispensers, reckoning with the following variables:
your needs and distribution goals the actual space available logistics, work shifts, staff schedule and much more.

Discover all the benefits of intelligent workwear management in your company, no matter what your distribution needs are

Speed, simplicity and added efficiency

You will be able to effectively maximize the collection and refilling of workwear and accessories in the automatic dispensers thanks to simple, rapid functioning and a new, intuitive, straightforward graphical user interface. Save time and increase the service efficiency.

Increased safety and hygiene requirements

Using automated dispensers allows you to improve the hygiene standards of your staff’s workwear, thereby making sure everyone can access regularly sanitized garments: you can count on an additional tool to certify the right quality standards for your working environment too.

A solution designed around you

Irrespective of the type of garments and accessories you need to distribute, you can implement the “optimal solution” for your staff and you in terms of number and type of dispensers. We ensure the right solution for every specific need!

All-round 24h assistance

Take advantage of a new all-round assistance program applying to software and dispensers, ensuring 24h remote control and timely on-site intervention.

Real-time traceability and monitoring

You can monitor all the garments and how they are used: traceability of handling and usage from your employees. Real-time monitoring of the number of clean garments available and how many garments awaiting laundry have already been collected.

Easily installed and incorporated in your company processes

The system easily interfaces with the company’s database and management software, thereby ensuring unmatched ease of installation. You can also count on the reliable management of the migration from the old to the new distribution system.

Reduced environmental impact and increased eco-sustainability of your company

You will confidently know that the only sanitized garments are those used by your employees. You can trust a system which allows you to effectively monitor consumption trends and optimize the relationship with your suppliers.

Significant cost saving

Limiting workwear usage to the staff’s necessities, you will not need huge garment stocks and will monitor your workers’ real consumption.

Special training to be independent

We provide live and e-learning training programs to take your staff through the machine and distribution system operation, while ensuring a friendly approach to the new system from the very start.

Choose the solutions best suited to your needs

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