In recent years ABG Systems has grown not only geographically, with continuous expansion in different countries, but above all by expanding the markets in which it operates.

In recent years we have started fruitful collaborations in South America: thanks to partnerships with companies with proven know-how in the Rfid and textile sector, we have managed to start new businesses, becoming a point of reference for all those companies that want to invest in sustainable technologies, which improve production processes.

We are proud to collaborate with innovative companies, who understand the complexity of the world of traceability, who want to help customers improve logistics processes, optimizing warehouse stocks of their textiles and significantly reducing costs.

Today we want to introduce you to Luis Palermo, President of Facilities Solutions, new distributor for ABG Systems in Argentina.

Luis, how did the idea of the fundar F.S. come about?

The idea to create F.S. arises exactly as its name indicates: from being able to create an entity that encompasses the possibility of providing solutions to companies, using our expertise in the latest technologies, applying them to asset management, security and traceability, but never losing focus on the sustainability of these. In this way, we generate and concentrate end-to-end integrations and implementations, ensuring that they will not only be fundamental tools for our clients to leverage strategically, but that they will also support and be able to adapt to the growth and transformation of these organizations.

Where does your experience in the RFid sector come from?

Being a Systems Engineer and owner of an industrial laundry, we began to have our first experiences at international fairs, where we learned that processes we were doing more than 25 years ago could be made simple, safe and reliable. Managing to offer our clients in the laundry a solution to completely improve the entire washing process.

How many years of experience do you have?

More than 10 years, with the incorporation of several manual processes of our clients in the laundry with RFID technology.

What is your goal with F.S.? How do you think you can help companies with your technology?

Our mission as a company is to be the benchmark in the implementation of validated and certified technologies that give our clients a competitive advantage, providing innovative, comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

We believe that, in these times, where the speed of decision making and the integrity of the data are key factors, not only for the achievement of the objectives, but also to ensure the best possible performance. Under this premise, we use data integration technology, accompanied by robust management and communication systems that allow accelerating, automating and generating clean workflows, with the least amount of losses, ensuring better ROI and increasing the reliability of the processes of each organization. As partners with our clients, we understand and adapt to the very nature of their processes, challenging them to bring them to new ways of working.

Why have you chosen ABG Systems as a partner in this adventure?

From the beginning we saw ABG Systems as a strategic partner, which, given its conception, perfectly understands the needs of the times. Currently, the delivery, washing and returning of garments for different areas, such as hospitality, health and some industries, has found a stagnation in terms of improvements in the traceability and integrity of its products. In this sense, we saw in ABG an organization capable of being up to the challenges that we encountered, and the necessary versatility to adapt to them.

If you want to get in touch with Facilities Solutions, here is the information you need

President: Luis Palermo


Phone: +549 11 5053 9469

New partnership and business development with Facilities Solutions

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