The Benefits of RFID Tracking and Distribution Systems for Laundry Services

As the world becomes more automated and digitized, businesses continually seek…

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Rethinking Scrub Management – Integrated Tracking and Dispensing Solutions

When scrub dispensing solutions were first introduced to the healthcare market,…

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Data Analytics to anticipate changes, predict consumption, analyze usage and improve the supply chain

Collecting and analyzing data, in general and in particular in the textile…

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Tessuto tecnico riutilizzabile, una scelta per l'ambiente

Reusable Technical Fabric: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Durable, comfortable, antiseptic, waterproof, and most importantly, reusable…

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What would happen if in the midst of a pandemic medical personnel did not have clean uniforms to wear at work?

This is clearly an ongoing crisis as hospitals face a growing shortage of…

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New article on American Laundry News by our Jonas Schreiner

We are very proud that Jonas Schreiner, our Business Development Manager for…

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Asian woman using alcohol gel hand sanitizer wash hand before open laptop for protect coronavirus. Female push alcohol to clean for hygiene when social distancing stay at home and self quarantine time

Coronavirus: how to maximize hygiene in the hospital?

The recent Corona Virus outbreak has raised serious concerns across the…

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