You can choose between 4 models of RFid antennas for your every need.

The LTA3030 antenna is compact in size, equipped with a RFid HF built-in reader, which allows for a limited reading range (less than 25 cm). It is particularly suited to read a limited number of garments and it is frequently used to support the retirement home residents’ personal garment sorting or regrouping process, where individually handled garments need to be quickly read.

The LTA5050 antenna is 50X50 cm equipped with and external RFid HF or UHF reader  that can be sized according to the required specifications. It is normally supplied with a Mid Range module, guarantees a maximum reading distance of about 40 cm with LT14/BT14 ABG tags, and is particularly suited to simultaneously read all the garments found in parcels.

Both antennas are protected by a washable plastic case.

The LDR antenna is shielded and provided with a support structure with RFid HF or UHF reader, capable of reading garments particularly close together and without the risk of erroneous readings due to the presence of other tags near the antenna itself.


Both the LDR and LTA5050 antennas, in the HF version, can be supplied with automatic impedance calibration systems.