The future for the automated management of the changing room

Your private locker, reserved from your smartphone

Easy Locker is an innovative solution for optimizing space management in your changing rooms.

Via our Easy Locker app, your customers and staff can reserve their lockers in advance.

The routine sanitizing procedure can be arranged easily, upscaling the hygiene standards.

A fully automatic system transforms your changing rooms and elevates the service quality and working environment.

Increased space, increased efficiency

At last, a solution relieving you from the problems to juggle space constraints, logistical needs and cost containment.

Easy Locker software analyzes the optimal number of lockers required regarding the flow of people in your leisure amenities at different periods, as well as, the number of employees on shift and to your facility’s needs, thus guaranteeing the availability always.

The smart locker has become a resource temporarily accessible to authorized single users. A resource you can constantly monitor and ensure you with service efficiency and efficacy.

Benefits for you, your customers and your staff right away

Save approximately 30% of space vs traditional ones

Optimize the number of lockers to be employed

Improve hygiene standards thanks to monitorable sanitization processes

Overcome typical management issues of physical locks

Monitor usage duration and pattern for optimal management

Scalable solutions, adding column easily for growing demands

Reserve a perfectly clean, sanitized locker anytime, totally hassle-free

Ensure the best service quality, divine customer experience

Customizable for logistical and aesthetic needs

Easy locker software seamlessly integrates with the management software systems of your company, without altered any service effectiveness.

The colour or pattern can be customized to meet your style, logistical needs and staff shifts. Besides, each column can be configured from one to four doors.

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