Several models of RFid tunnels are available in order to best meet all your laundry’s reading needs.

LTR is the tunnel system that reads soiled garments. Utilizing the RFid technology, both HF and UHF, it scans all pieces in closed bags or on the conveyor belt.

The HF standard is fabricated with an antenna impedance electronic control system to guarantee concentrated and homogeneous fields; while the UHF one includes an internal shielding system to eliminate any undesired electromagnetic wave reflection outside of the reading area.

The belt speed slightly varies depending on the type of textiles to be scanned. Subsequently, an automatic speed control system can be installed for reading different concentration levels of garments.

LPL is designed to read folded garments and to be easily integrated with automatic labelling systems. It reads the scrubs or uniforms in the package and records all the codes; then generating and assigning an alphanumeric code and in barcode format to be printed on the label .
Similar to LTR, there are both HF and UHF standards. As for the UHF configuration, sliding partitions are installed to isolate the reading area and separate the parcels.
The tunnel is equipped with a standard 8” industrial Panel PC.

LGT arises from the need to have a small-sized machine, suitable for operating contexts characterized by low volumes of garments handled.
The reading gateway is smaller than LTR and LPL relatively, however, it passes medium-sized bags and provides good reading reliability up to more than 50 garments simultaneously.
It is only available in the HF standard.


  • Maximum scanning accuracy
  • Utmost user-friendliness