How it works

Simple Operation

  • The operator pushes the roll cage containing the linen inside the UHF Cabin and closes the door
  • He/she presses a button to activate the item scanning
  • A luminous LED indicates the reading completion
  • The roll cage or basket  is removed from the cabin

The metal structure of the cabin confines the electromagnetic waves internally to guarantee maximum reliability and accuracy.


  • Maximum scanning accuracy
  • Minimum risk of unexpected scanning
  • Utmost user-friendliness

Customization to satisfy specific requirements

UHF Cabin is available in 5 configurations with different levels of performance and automation:

  • Model A: guarantees complete reading of all the garments in about 10sec
  • Model B: for greater height requirement
  • Model C: much capacious for fitting 120 cm wide roll cage
  • Model D: 5-piece dismountable cabin for highly flexible installation in case of any site access difficulties
  • Model E: double-door design