How it works

The return operation does not require any particular interaction with the machine:

  • The user throws the item into the collector through a trapdoor.
  • The item is read during its fall.
  • A luminous LED signal indicates the item has been returned successfully.

The return is safe and practical: the trapdoor is automatically blocked before the garment is read to ensure that all the soiled is properly collected.


  • Immediate control and guarantee of return
  • Automatic identification of the item and user thanks to the RFid tag sewn onto the workwear
  • Centralization of the item collection points
  • Hygiene control in line with clinical protocols

Maximum customization for your needs
WHITE Basket can operate in 2 different ways:
WHITE Basket Air, with pneumatic technology, can handle the items inside a cage positioned on the side of the machine in a dedicated compartment. The items are compacted to guarantee a total collection capacity of over 300 pieces, according to the model and type of item.
There are 2 WHITE Basket Air models available:

  • Compact
  • Large, to collect more& also bulky items

WHITE Basket Gravity, with gravity system, i.e. the workwear falls through a pipe into a collection basket positioned in the lower part of the machine. In the falling phase, the item is scanned and recorded on to the system.

There are 2 WHITE Basket Gravity models available:
• Compact
• Large, to collect more& also bulky items (available only for UHF models)

Each WHITE Basket model is available for both textiles with HF TAG  and with UHF TAG.