How it works

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badge
  • White C shows the available garments in type and size
  • The user selects the garment or a set
  • White C dispenses the item(s) in the LED-indicated slot

In the loading phase:

  • The operator activates the procedure with their badges
  • The items are scanned in sequence and identified by the machine
  •  White C indicates the slot where the item should be placed

A vocal system guides every operation both in the retrieval and loading phases.


  • 30% reduction of textile stock
  • Significant reduction in unforeseen replenish costs
  • Ensures every user has their necessary uniform always
  • Less risk of potential infections with improved hygienic control on textile handling
  • Continuous monitoring on consumption and planning
  • Traceability and unmistakable identification of every garment
  • Limited access only to the authorized

Maximum customization for your needs

Every White C model can distribute any mix of garments both by size and personalized one in term of individual item or set, to meet any specific requirements of your staff.

The linen administrator configures the dispenser through the One software platform, to plan and optimize the inventory, to update the retrieval settings regarding to each user category.

A suite of White C in different capacities and dimensions is designed to satisfy any operational requirements flexibly.