How it works

The use of White Clogs is identical to that of all other White line dispensers and is distinguished by its user-friendliness and practicality.

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badge
  • White Clogs displays the list of clog sizes available
  • The user selects the desired size
  • A luminous LED indicates the cell in which the selected footwear can be found
  • The user opens the door indicated and retrieves the clogs

In the loading phase:

  • The operator enables the loading procedure using his own badge
  • The sets of clogs are individually identified with the scanner, which also guarantees that the sizes are paired correctly
  • White Clogs indicates the destination cell where the pair of clogs must be placed
  • On completion of the loading procedure, the operator closes the doors.


  • Reduction of the stock which, according to the contexts, varies from 20% to 30%
  • Availability of the necessary sizes guaranteed
  • Monitoring of sanitizing cycles
  • Control of how clogs are used
  • Less risk of possible infections, thanks to improved hygienic control of the footwear
  • Reduction of supply volumes, also controls missing items
  • Limitation of use of the footwear to authorized staff


Intelligent management and maximum customization

The system administrator configures the distributor operating rules through the One software platform:

  • to set the best mix of sizes to be made available
  • to define the retrieval rules and the rules with which to set the low-stock alert
  • to determine that the range of clogs is used appropriately
  • to process the statistics necessary to evaluate the efficiency of the distribution process.

White Clogs can contain up to 84 pairs of clogs.