How it works

The whole operation has been created to optimize handling of the garments and to minimise waiting times.

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badge
  • The White Fly display shows the list of garments available
  • The user selects the desired garment
  • The shuttle verifies the position of the garment nearest to the retrieval point and withdraws it
  • The garment is delivered to the user via a device that allows the hanger to be kept inside the system

In the loading phase:

  • The operator positions the hangers on the loading line randomly
  • The garments are individually and automatically identified by the loading point
  • Every garment is handled by the shuttle, which assigns it with a specific storage location


  • 30% reduction of total stock
  • Lowering of the non-scheduled refill costs of the garments by up to 90%
  • Minimum handling of garments
  • Centralization of distribution
  • Guarantee for every user to always have the necessary uniform
  • Less risk of possible infections, thanks to improved hygienic control of the garment
  • Continuous monitoring of consumption and correct planning of use
  • Traceability and unmistakeable identification of every garment
  • Limitation of use of the garments only to authorised staff


Intelligent management and maximum customization

WHITE Fly is an intelligent system: depending on the trend of retrievals and retrievals of the garments by the users, it can reorganize the internal layout of the garments at all times in a way to reduce waiting times to a minimum.
The user can communicate directly with the linen room for any problems, using the efficient message system that allows whoever is managing White Fly to always be close to the end users.

The system administrator configures the distributor operating rules through the One software platform:

  • to plan and optimize the mix of garments to distribute
  • to define the retrieval methods
  • to set the maximum number of garments that can be retrieved for each category of users
  • to prepare the loads depending on the effective requirements communicated by White Fly