How it works

The whole operation has been created to minimize the handling of the garments and waiting times.

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badge
  • White Fly display shows the list of garments available
  • The user selects the needed garment
  • The shuttle withdraws the uniform from the slot nearest to the retrieval point
  • The user takes the item directly without a hanger

In the loading phase:

  • The operator places the hangers on the loading line randomly
  • Each garment is automatically identified in the loading point
  • Each garment is assigned to a storage slot accordingly


  • 30% reduction of stock achieving optimal inventory
  • Trimming the non-scheduled replenishment costs by up to 90%
  • Minimum handling of garments and scrubs
  • Centralization of distribution points
  • Guarantee every user to always have the necessary uniform
  • Less risk of potential infections and cross contaminations
  • Continuous monitoring of consumption and correct planning of use
  • Traceability and unmistakable identification of every garment
  • Limited access to the authorized only

Intelligent management and maximum customization

White Fly is an intelligent system: according to the garment retrieval trend and pattern by the users, it reorganizes the internal allocation of the garments at all times in a way to reduce waiting times to a minimum.

The user can communicate directly with the linen room for any problems via the efficient interactive message system, allowing the White Fly support team respond to the issue instantly.

The system administrator configures the distributor operating rules through the One software platform:

  • to plan and optimize the mixture of garments to be distributed
  • to define the retrieval methods
  • to set the maximum retrieval number of garments in each user category
  • to prepares the loadings based on the requirements communicated by White Fly