If there is one thing that we as a society have learned from the current pandemic, preparation is the key to managing unforeseen situations, and our scrub management system has helped many hospitals prepare for just that. To illustrate how, we asked one of our customer’s, Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, to share their experience with our equipment and how it has helped them manage this situation:
Since the pandemic hit North America, hospital uniforms became a very hot topic and a very hot commodity. The demand for scrubs went up very acutely overnight, and there was no supply in the market to back it up. The Jewish General Hospital in Montreal was designated as the pandemic center of the island of Montreal because of its state-of-the-art Pavilion K, which boasts more negative pressure rooms than any other hospital center in Montreal. Subsequently, the laundry was mandated to provide uniforms to all of the units that were to accommodate COVID positive patients. This number grew beyond what anybody expected and we had to do more with less.

Hospital Scrubs dispenser management

Fortunately, we had a uniform distribution system from ABG Systems on-site, that we quickly redeployed to our new biggest consumer of uniforms, and we were able to get another dispensing machine quickly from ABG’s local distributor, Delfab, and then a third machine a few weeks later.
ABG’s system allows us to operate in an extremely lean fashion. Rather than sending uniforms to many different locations and having to overstock these units, only the uniforms that are needed are used. The machines also control the inventory by blocking users from taking more uniforms until they have returned their previous sets, and of course, ensure 24-hour availability of all sizes for all employees. The system also helps us ensure a higher level of hygiene during the uniform distribution process by limiting unnecessary uniform handling.
The uniform distribution system has helped us weather this storm and ensure exceptional service to the brave health care workers on the front line.

David Diachidos, Chief of Laundry Services at the Jewish General Hospital