In the months that Covid-19 hits hardest, issues concerning the automatic distribution of uniforms, the control and monitoring of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the traceability of textiles, were matters of great importance to the Healthcare, Food, Mining and Technology industries. Other sectors like Hospitality, Wellness and Fitness that have been facing partial setbacks, also invested in the new generation solutions to fulfil the latest hygiene and health regulations. ABG Systems has played a fundamental role as a development partner and invested significantly in researches, including the hiring of new personnel. Roberto is one such employee who recently joined ABG. He recounts his experiences for the “ABG Stories” column.

Roberto, what did you do in your previous job prior to joining ABG?

I joined ABG in October 2020. I am an electronic engineer and responsible for the machine testing. I worked for many years as a designer in a printer manufacturing company and I mainly dealt with firmware design.

What brought you to ABG?

I worked previously with my current colleague, Federico. He has been working at ABG for many years, and he told me about his work and spoke highly of the company, presenting me with the opportunity to support him in the machine testing. That’s how I knew of the position opening at ABG. I passed the interview and I accepted this new and challenging adventure. I am really excited about this new professional growth.

What is your position there and what does your job entail?

I am an electronic engineer and I work on software and firmware projects. I have always worked on my own, but this time, I joined a team, dealing with a delicate and essential phase in production: testing. At ABG Systems, each phase follows strict criteria, ensuring that the product is of its superior quality. As an engineer, it is really stimulating to test complex and “intelligent” machines that are designed for almost every industry. With this responsibility, I have the opportunity to comprehend what actually works and which parts could still be modified and further improved. For example, together with our colleagues, we are working on new simplifications on LED wiring, following a guiding principle of ABG, that is, the continuous improvement of the solutions that are on the market.

It seems that working as a team excites you…

Yes, being part of a team allows you to achieve great goals. I have really good, collaborative colleagues. There is a tremendous amount of work, but by being able to deal with it together with specialized engineers and automation professionals, makes the whole process easier. We have the opportunity to confront these challenges, we also know how to make the experience enjoyable and fun. We joke every now and then. While the work is demanding, the work atmosphere here is professional, and yet relaxed, which allows you to face the tasks with a smile everyday.

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