The future of space management and accessory distribution for wellness sector

Towel distribution and space management in changing room

Optimizing the use of space and ensuring the immediate availability of towels and accessories in gyms, swimming pools and spas can sometimes be intricate.

For fitness clubs and spas, providing courtesy towels is a non-negligible part of the service to enhance the customer experience. While the majority of the gyms recognize the importance in it, yet many may concern the costs induced by replacing all the lost and stolen items.

Simultaneously, locker room management can also be tricky – you would like to ensure that you accommodate enough lockers for all your customers; while on the other hand, there is only limited space for a limited number of lockers.

Luxurious service and enhanced logistic process

To help manage the issues aforementioned, ABG Systems has developed automated dispensing and tracking systems for the wellness sector.

Our linen management solutions will allow you to enhance your service standards by minimizing the losses and ensuring that towels and accessories are always available for customers.

Thanks to our One management software, all towels can be traced from the user’s retrieval to return and to laundry.

It lets you experience:

  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer losses and theft discouragement
  • Replenishment cost reduction
  • Waste minimization and eco-sustainability
  • Elevated service standard and brand reputation

Transform your changing room with smart lockers

Our Easy Locker helps decrement the number of lockers yet polishing up the service quality.

Customers can reserve their locker via their membership card or smartphone thanks to the White booking app.

An algorithm embedded in the software analyzes the optimal number of lockers required regarding the flow of people in your facility at different times. Consequently, you are unshackled to abolish the excess lockers and free up space in your changing rooms.

You can now rest assured that your customers will always find their spots contently!

Divine customer experience uplifts brand reputation ultimately

To complete the next-level transformation of your changing room, White Box, our automated garment and linens dispenser, can integrate seamlessly with Easy Locker. Especially eligible in the wellness sector, the customer can reserve and store the personal belongings in Easy Locker, then retrieve the courtesy robe or towels in White Box. One-stop qualitative experience. Worry-free, hygienic and time-saving!

The White solution for your wellness centres

White Box

Ultra-flexible scrub and linen distribution

White Basket

Return soiled uniform anytime hygienically


Textile management software platform

Easy Locker

Automated management of changing room