Manage and distribute linens, workwear and items automatically

The most comprehensive and advanced range of solutions dedicated to the automated distribution and retrieval of textiles and accessories

Intelligent dispensers operated by the most cutting-edge automation and identification

Manage, monitor, distribute and collect every garment automatically: new efficiency, safety and hygiene standards brought to you, your staff and products

A ground-breaking automated distribution concept, developed and optimized over a 10-year timeframe empowering you to stay ahead of the future management of whatever type of textile or product calling for sanitization, monitoring or traceability

  • scrubs
  • folded garments
  • garments on-hanger
  • clogs
  • linens
  • accessories

One, the intelligent software that communicates with you

Embedded with any White solution, One lets you administrate all the information, distribution flows and data regarding each item. You have everything constantly under control from any internet devices.

Extraordinarily intuitive and user-friendly, One interacts with you and, also, advises optimization and improvement for your inventory administrations.

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Well beyond the mere notion of customization.

No matter which industry you operate in, every White solution is designed to seamlessly fit your company’s goals, space and employees.